Our Aims

In addition to gaining new supporters and expanding the circle of people who will join us in this cause, our goal is to reach as many decision-makers as possible in the parliaments at the state and federal level as well as at the European level and to ask them to join us in advocating for a reversal of the cuts in the old Erasmus+ programme as well as for an adjustment of the funding for digital formats in the new programme. Currently, talks and negotiations are still being held in the Commission, which is why it is particularly important to increase the political pressure NOW. In the long term, the campaign’s goal is to ensure that digital exchange formats are also fully funded by the Erasmus+ flat rates during the pandemic – and further on.

Who We Are

The initiators of the digital100%Erasmus+ initiative are Darko Mitevski (NaturKultur e.V.), Katharina Teiting and Elke Wegener (Internationales Bildungs- und Begegnungswerk e.V.), Georg Pirker (AdB e.V.), Christian Schmidt-Rost and Babette Pohle (KINDERVEREINIGUNG® Leipzig e.V.) and Elżbieta Kosek (Kreisau-Initiative e. V.). They have been working in the field of international and European youth work for many years and are particularly involved in the areas of inclusion, diversity-conscious and racism-critical education and civic education in an international context. They networked at various digital events on the challenges of international youth work during the Corona pandemic and decided to launch the initiative 100percenterasmusplus.