What happens next?

In the past few weeks, the initiators have spread the results of the survey and the related demands widely in the field of international youth work and adult education, with the aim of drawing attention to the problem and the urgency for solutions on the part of the Commission, as well as to win further supporters for the cause. In addition, targeted letters were sent to members of parliament at the state level, in the Bundestag and the European Parliament, as well as to the responsible persons in the Commission.

This rather small campaign has already attracted a lot of attention in the last few weeks and the circle of supporters has expanded. Fortunately, people have also contacted us who would like to become more active and make a contribution to placing the issue in the public eye and increasing democratic pressure on decision-makers. Therefore, the initiative has decided to continue working on the campaign, to increase the number of active people and to make this visible through a petition and an open letter. It is important that the field of international youth work organises itself in the face of the massive cuts and the accompanying dangers for the structures and organisations and campaigns together for better working and funding conditions – also in the digital space

Become Active Yourself!

The initiative “digital100%erasmus+” can only be convincing if as many organizations and individuals as possible support our common cause. Therefore, make the topic of promotion and quality of digital and hybrid European youth exchange your topic as well. What can you do exactly?

  • Use our texts and write to your representatives in the European Parliament and your national parliatment. You can find the addresses of the offices in the European Parliament here.
  • Share the petition in your European networks and ask your partner organizations to contact their MEPs and the Commission as well. You can find the letter in English under downloads.
  • Write to the European Commission. You can find the addresses of the contact persons here.
  • Support the petition on change.org [Coming soon]
  • Join our digital networking meeting. The date will be announced here on the homepage soon.

Who decides on the Erasmus+ guidelines?

The funding rules for the Erasmus+ Youth programme are developed in Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture. The guidelines come from the staff of Commissioner Mariya Gabriel. Her staff Adrienn Király and Maria Koleva are responsible for the contact with the Directorate General and the Erasmus+ Programme. In the Directorate General, Sophia Eriksson Waterschoot [Head of Unit EAT&youth: Sophia.Eriksson@ec.europa.eu] and Ute Haller Block [Ute.HALLER-BLOCK@ec.europa.eu] are responsible for the concrete design of the programme. They are all contact persons for citizens and organisations interested in the design of the respective programmes of the European Commission. Feel free to contact them and tell them why the promotion of digital and hybrid formats is also eminently important for European youth exchange.